The Apple of God’s Eye

The Apple of God's Eye

During the lesson, we’ll create a painting similar to this one.

The Background

The background of our paintings support and compliments the rest of the picture. Although it takes the least amount of time to paint, the end results hinge on the rendering of the background.

Similarly, our hope of resting in the Apple of God’s Eye hinges on our understanding of the term and how to achieve the status.

The concept of the apple of the eye stems from an understanding of what that black dot in the center of the eye actually is. In the early 1600’s people thought it was an object such as a black disk rather than a hole. Someone called it the apple of the eye. Then the apple of the eye meant nothing more than the pupil of the eye.

The Branch

As the branch stretches across the canvas like a path, not necessarily a straight line, it reminds us of our journey in this life. During our journey we need the nutrients that the branch supplies for us to grow. Our growth is represented by the buds and blossoms.

Psalm 17:8: Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings.

David sees God as his protector and provider in times of trouble and during the rage of the enemy. David trusted God to defend, provide, and protect him in all circumstances.

The Buds and Blossoms

The buds and blossoms indicate life and growth within a tree. Likewise our desire to be in the Apple of God’s Eye indicates life. And the way we fulfill that desire produces growth. We grow through God’s word.

Proverbs 7:2: Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.

King Solomon reminds us to remain within the apple of God’s eye—Keep His commands and live accordingly. And we are commissioned to keep God’s law as the apple of our eyes. We are to hold God’s law in high esteem, honoring it in every aspect of our lives. Then God will keep us as the apple of His eye. Think of how delicate and sensitive our eyes are and how we take all precautions to protect them. That is the importance we are to place on God’s word, protecting and cherishing it.

Zechariah 2:8: He that toucheth you toucheth the apple of [the Lord’s] eye.

God says anyone who touches you … me touches the apple of His eye.

Zechariah’s words remind me that God notices even well intended, but painful “touches” received by His children. Imagine being so close to God that if someone touches you, they touch God.

My friend’s grandfather used a toothpick to roll her eyelid up, enabling him to pluck an eyelash out of her eye. Although the deed was gruesome to watch, it was necessary to remove the obstruction to prevent further irritation and even infection. That’s how close God stands to us. Sometimes His care hurts or seems gruesome, but He always acts with our best interest at heart.

That thought denotes the current use of the phrase “the apple of our eye.” When we have someone in the apple of our eye, we favor them, want to look on them always. Their presence delights us, lights up our lives, and gives meaning to our existence.

When I researched this concept, I discovered the implication that if we stand close enough to someone we can see our reflection in the pupil of his/her eyes. Therefore, we have responsibility to stay close to God if we want Him to keep us as the apple of His eye. If we walk away from Him, He won’t stop loving and protecting us, but we willfully choose to move in a direction that takes us out of the apple of His eye. When that happens, remember no matter how many steps we take in the wrong direction; it only takes one step backwards to return to the apple of God’s eye.


The leaves indicate that the branch remains the source of life. Like Jesus’ metaphor of the vine and the branches, we must remain attached to the branch to grow and blossom. Productivity in the form of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control keeps us as the apple of God’s eye.

It occurred to me if someone is standing close enough to me to see her own reflection in the pupil of my eyes, seeing my reflection in the pupil of her eye is very likely.

So how can we tell if we’re in the Apple of God’s Eye? The answer is simple. Is Jesus in the apple of our eyes? Do others see His reflection in our eyes when they look at us, when they observe our behavior, when they hear us talk?


A — Ascribe honor and glory to God for all things

P — Proclaim His truth. Tell others of your faith and hope in Jesus Christ

P— Protect the gospel by avoiding negative, distracting entertainment

L — Love unconditionally

E — Encourage others

O — Obey those in authority over you. God has placed them there

F — Forgive and seek forgiveness. No one except Jesus lives a flawless life

G — Guide others to Jesus—your husbands, children, neighbors,

O — Offer your best to the Lord at all times

D — Defend the body of Christ, which is the church

S — Serve others. In doing so, we serve Christ

E — Endorse those who work for the Lord

Y — Yearn for a closer walk with Jesue

E — Embrace who you are in Christ—a child of the King … a princess

The Apple of God’s Eye.

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